Housing Authority of the City of El Paso – RAD

Housing Authority of the City of El Paso – Rental Assistance Demonstration Project (RAD), El Paso, Texas

Type of Project: Government Public Housing
General Contractors: Franklin Construction, Galaxy Builders, Jordan Foster, Miller Valentine, Moss, Sundt
Number of Units: 1,500+
Exterior Trades: Stucco & Masonry, Exterior Paint
Interior Trades: Drywall Installation,
Tape & Texture, Interior Paint

Gonzalez Apartments in El Paso (seen above) is one of the many projects that EMC has been instrumental in turning around for The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso’s RAD program. EMC collaborated with multiple general contractors simultaneously, utilizing our large and flexible workforce to get the job done. EMC provided Stucco, Drywall and Paint services on over 15 of these projects, completing over 1,500 units in 14 neighborhoods in just under 3 years.

Completed El Paso RAD Projects Include:

• Alvarez

• Anderson

• Baird

• Commissioners Corner

• Eisenhower

• Gonzalez

• Hart

• Kennedy Brothers

• Kennedy Estates

• Krupp

• Lyndon B. Johnson

• Marmolejo

• Ochoa

• Sandoval

• Sun Plaza

• Tays

• Telles

• Truman

• Valle Verde

• Webber